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Polymer Wiper Blade

Marine-Grade Rubber Squeegee

Silver or black poly, glass-impregnated construction
Open design allows wind and water to pass through the blade, ensuring constant contact with the windshield
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Item Our SKU
Mfg P/N
Specs Status Price Quantity
Polymer Wiper Blade, 16 in.
SKU 76139

Mfg p/n 31016B
Color: Black
Size: 16"
19 in stock$13.35
Polymer Wiper Blade, 12 in.
SKU 76153

Mfg p/n 31012B
Color: Black
Size: 12"
17 in stock$12.13
Polymer Wiper Blade, 14 in.
SKU 76156

Mfg p/n 31014B
Color: Black
Size: 14"
29 in stock$12.73
Polymer Wiper Blade, 18 in.
SKU 76160

Mfg p/n 31018B
Color: Black
Size: 18"
37 in stock$14.13
Polymer Wiper Blade, 20 in.
SKU 76161

Mfg p/n 31020B
Color: Black
Size: 20"
7 in stock$16.52
Polymer Wiper Blade, 22 in.
SKU 76163

Mfg p/n 31022B
Color: Black
Size: 22"
15 in stock$17.71
Polymer Wiper Blade, 24 in.
SKU 76165

Mfg p/n 31024B
Color: Black
Size: 24"
11 in stock$18.55

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