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Tactical Field/Trauma Kit w/QuikClot

Group Size: 1 Person; Trip Duration: 1 Day

Recommended for military and law enforcement and professional rescue squads. Designed with all of the essentials required to stop or control bleeding. Includes a QuikClot clotting sponge, a chemically inert material in a mesh bag that speeds coagulation of blood, resulting in a stable clot that stops bleeding faster than conventional methods and is safe to leave on wounds until more advanced medical help arrives.
Includes bandages and dressings, gloves, one QuickClot sponge, moleskin, wound care supplies, tape, some OTC meds
Size: 7" x 4.5" x 3.5"
Weight: 1 lb.
Color: black
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Tactical Field/Trauma Kit w/QuikClot
SKU 214788

Mfg p/n 2064-0291
Group Size: 1 Person
Type: Tactical Field/Trauma Kit
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