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Fittings for Adler/Barbour ColdMachines

Converts Quick-Connect Evaporators to One-Shot Fittings

ColdMachine components now come with self-sealing quick-connect fittings instead of the semi-permanent older one-shot fittings.
Unlike one-shot connections, quick-connect fittings can be disconnected and reconnected whenever necessary without loss of refrigerant or exposing the system to air or moisture.
This Z5047 end fitting kit is used to, effectively, change the self-sealing fittings on a new Cold Machine evaporator back into the one-shot connectors used on older models, if you need to replace an evaporator on an older Cold Machine.
However, for a bit more money, we recommend using the A/B 755570000 Adapter Kit to make the connection - short copper tubing sections with one-shot fittings at one end, and self-sealing fittings at the other. This will result in a more future proof, self-sealing, connection between the old and new components. See separate entry.
Using the two Z5047 fittings involves cutting the newer self-sealing fittings off the new evaporator, and soldering on these old style, one-shot fittings
Requires professional installation involving soldering the fittings, pulling a vacuum on the system and recharging with refrigerant
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“One-Shot” End Fittings for Adler/Barbour ColdMachines
SKU 375751

Mfg p/n Z5047
Type: One Shot Evaporator Coupling Kit - (Set of End Fittings Only)
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