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360 Panel System 120V AC Main /12V DC Circuit Breakers

With Multimeters or Amp/Volt Meters

Part of an entire series of modular panel components, these panels represent the most frequently asked for configurations of AC/DC combination circuit breaker panels.
AC and DC multimeters or AC voltmeter and DC amp/voltmeter
Snap-on end plates conceal mounting screws
In AC panels, all rocker circuit breakers are A-Series, except high amperage main breakers (more than 50A) are C-Series
Flat rocker circuit breakers or black toggle switches
Easy to change backlight labels
LEDs on each circuit illuminate to indicate "On" position and/or reverse polarity
Panel column identification
12 volts; 24 volts available on custom panels
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360 Panel System 120V AC Main /12V DC Circuit Breakers, AC 6 x 15A - DC 20 x 15A
SKU 189536

Mfg p/n 1118
AC Breakers: 6 x 15A
Actuator: Black Toggle
DC Breakers: 20 x 15A
Main Breaker: 1 x 30A AC, No DC Main
Meter: AC & DC Digital Meters
Type: AC Main + 6 Pos. - DC 20 Pos.
Volts: 120 VAC/12 VDC
Out of Stock$1,428.11

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