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Watertight Deck Hatches

Designed for Flat or Slightly Curved Decks

Completely assembled watertight hatch. The hatch cover fits into a specially designed groove to stop water from blowing in during heavy weather and rain. Designed for new installations or replacement of old hatches. There is a closed cell vinyl gasket on the cover to further ensure watertightness. Two designs: camber, with a deck flange designed to fit the slight curve of the deck, and flat, for level decks.
White ABS
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Specs Status Price Quantity
Watertight Deck Hatches, Cambered Deck
SKU 181506

Mfg p/n H-1
Cut-Out: 20" x 20"
Outside Dimen.: 25" x 25"
Type: Cambered Deck
Out of Stock$540.26
Watertight Deck Hatches, Replacement Hatch Cover
SKU 71299

Mfg p/n H-1RC
Type: Replacement Hatch Cover
Out of Stock$166.05

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