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Hunter 260 Rigging & Spars Parts

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Block, mast base

Block, mast step

Block, single

Bolt rope entry

Bow eye, 3/8 x 2 in.

Clevis pin

Combi box

Compression post base

Deck organizer, 2 sheaves



Gooseneck base

Gooseneck toggle

Halyard exit plate, stainless


Mast base (model 1101)

Mast crutch

Mast foot

Mast foot

Mast lift pole, reinforcement plate

Mast lifting pole

Mast pin (newer design)

Mast strut tangs, pair

Mast strut, threaded rod

Mast strut: stainless tang with threaded rod

Mast struts



Masthead sheave, small

Masthead, new

Pad eye 2.25 in x 5/8 in

Reefing hook, small, 8mm

Retaining plug for standing rigging

Rigid vang base connection

Rope clutch, double

Sail slide gate

Shackle, d-shape, 3/16 in.

Shackle, d-style


Sheave box with sheave

Sheave for medium combi-box

Sheave pin for medium combi-box

Spinnaker pole eye

Spreader bracket, wraparound

Spreader end

Spreader end hook

Spreader tip

Spreaders, pair, extrusion only

Spreaders, pair, includes end tips

T-backing plate


Turnbuckle boot

U-bolt with fasteners, 3/8 x 3-7/16 in, oal 5 in

Vang hinge

Vang kit

Winch pad, small, mast