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Rite-Lok Instant Adhesive - Super Fast SF100

Super Fast Low Viscosity Cyanoacrylate

Rite-Lok SF100 Super Fast Cyanoacrylate is designed to give especially fast cure speeds and high bond strengths on difficult-to-bond plastics and rubbers.
It also bonds acidic and/or contaminated surfaces such as woods, leathers, cardboard, and oily surfaces which have been cleaned with a solvent.
SF100 adhesive relies less on surface moisture for cure speed than standard cyanoacrylates.
It can be used for a super fast cure in high speed production applications.
Used with the Instant Adhesive AC77 Primer (MMM 62728) SF100 can be used to join difficult-to-bond plastics such as Starboard, and other polyethylene and polypropylene plastics; see Related Products, below.
Works best on close-fitting parts and fairly smooth, even surfaces (gap fill is only 0.006"); apply sparingly to one surface only
Tensile strength: 3,700 psi
Overlap shear strength: 2,900 psi
Remember -
Start with clean, dry surfaces
Use as little as possible - only a small amount of adhesive (use small drops; apply 1 drop per square inch)
Apply only to close fitting parts - this type of cyanoacrylate is not a gap filler
Cure starts in 3 - 30 seconds; bonds very fast - make sure parts are properly aligned before you apply
Handling strength is usally quickly achieved; full cure in 24 hours
Use it up, or buy a small container - cyanoacrylates typically only have a remaining shelf life of about 30 days after you initially open the container
Refrigeration (40F) gives optimum long term storage stability
Heavy on the technical side...
Surface Preparation
For optimum strength structural bonds, paint, oxide films, oils, dust, mold release agents, and all other surface contaminants must be completely removed.
However, the amount of surface preparation depends on the required bond strength and the environmental aging resistance desired by the user.
Typical quick surface preparation would include wiping with a clean solvent (such as isopropyl alcohol), abrading the surface with a clean fine abrasive, and then wiping again with a clean solvent to remove loose particles.
Directions for Use
1. Ensure that parts are clean, dry, and free from oil and grease.
2. A instant adhesive activator may be required if there are bonding gaps or porous substrate surfaces, if substrates are low surface energy plastics (e.g., polyethylene, polypropylene) or if substrates have acidic surfaces(e.g., paper, leather).
3. Bond speed is typically very fast so ensure that parts are properly aligned before dispensing.
4. Product is normally hand applied from the bottle.
Apply sparingly to one surface and press parts firmly together until handling strength is achieved.
As a general rule, as little cyanoacrylate as possible should be used.
Over application will result in slower cure speed and lower bond strength.
Cured Bond Characteristics
1. Full bond strength will typically be achieved within a 24 hour cure time.
2. Low humidity or low temperature conditions will slow down the cure rate.
3. After curing, Super Fast Instant Adhesive bonds are suitable for use up to about 180F (82C).
At 180F (82C) the bonds will be approximately 70% of the strength at room temperature and at 212F (100C) about 50% of full strength.
4. Cyanoacrylate bond resistance to most oils and solvents is excellent.
Long term humidity, moisture, or water immersion may affect the strength of a cured cyanoacrylate bond depending on the substrates and the bond gap.
Testing is recommended to evaluate the effect.
For short term storage (Keep containers tightly covered and free of moisture.
Refrigeration (40F [4C]) gives optimum long term storage stability.
Shelf Life
Super Fast Instant Adhesives can be expected to have a shelf life of one year from the date of shipment from 3M when stored under refrigerated conditions.
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Rite-Lok Super Fast Instant Adhesive - SF100, 20 grams (0.64 fl oz)
SKU 208993

Mfg p/n 048011-62631
Color: Transparent
Consistency: Very Thin Liquid
Gap Fill: 0.006"
Overlap Shear Strength (ASTM D1002): 2,900 psi
Per Case: 10
Size: 20 grams (0.64 fl oz)
Temperature Range: -65°F to 180°F
Tensile Strength (ASTM D2095): 3,700 psi
Type: Rite-Lok Super Glue SF100
Viscosity: 80 - 120 cP
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