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Hi-Strength 90 Cylinder Spray Adhesive

High Strength Fast Laminating Adhesive

Applies translucent adhesive in a low misting, controlled "lace" pattern.
Forms a permanent bond with typical shear strength of 45 psi (initial) to 230 psi (ultimate) and peel strength of 25 piw (lb/inch of width).
Various spray widths from 1" to 12" can be achieved.
Use of this High Strength 90 pre-pressurized cylinder will require a Delivery Hose, and a Scotch-Weld Standard Spray Adhesive Applicator Gun equipped with a 3M 6501 (3-8" fan) or a 3M 9501 (5-12" fan) Spray Tip; see Related Products, below.
For two surface bonding only
Only needs 1 minute of drying time
Bonding within 15 minutes is recommended
Uses include: construction, display assembly, furniture assembly/repair and general assembly tasks
Return empty cylinder to 3M in original shipping container
Not for sale in California and other states; consult local air quality regulations before using
Available in aerosol form; see Related Products, below
Approx. 60 ft of coverage @ 1 gm/ft (dried weight) per lb of wet adhesive
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28.8 lb Hi-Strength 90 Cylinder Spray Adhesive - Translucent

SKU 130635

Mfg p/n 021200-41554
Color: Translucent
Gross Wt.: 47.7 lb
Net Wt.: 28.8 lb
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