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350A e-Series Dual Circuit Battery Selector Switch

5510e - Simultanously Switches Two Isolated Battery Banks

This innovative device switches two battery banks simultaneously with one simple On/Off switch while maintaining battery bank isolation - thus minimizing the risk of a dead starting battery bank.
The m-Series is suitable for outboard motors and small inboards.
The 350 amp continuous duty e-Series is a popular replacement switch, matching most battery switch hole patterns.
Isolates start and house circuits reducing the chance of fully discharging both batteries
Protects electronics from engine starting sags and spikes
Ignition protected - safe for installation aboard gasoline powered boats
Corrosion-resistant, one-piece, tin-plated, 3/8" copper studs cannot loosen; accepts multiple cables up to 4/0
Rated at IP66 - withstands heavy seas, jets of water
Meets ABYC specifications for mounting on all boats, including aluminum
Case design allows surface or rear panel mounting
Amperages in Table are per circuit
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Dual Circuit Battery Switch - On/Off, 350A, e-Series Dual Circuit Battery Switch - On/Off
SKU 174118

Mfg p/n 5510E
10 Sec Cranking: 1000A
60 Sec Cranking: 750A
Battery Inputs: 2
Cont. Amp: 350A
Dimensions: 3.85" x 3.85" x 3.08"H
Int. Amp: 525A
Positions: 2
Stud: 3/8"
Type: e-Series Dual Circuit Battery Switch - On/Off
Volts: 32 VDC Max.
Weight: 1.16 lb
11 in stock$55.36

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