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05713 Wool Polishing Pad - 9"

Hookit Blended fibers Single-Sided Premium Pad

A top-of-the-line, high performance, single-sided acrylic/wool blend polishing pad.
This is 3M's preferred pad for very light oxidation removal on gelcoat, or for a polishing step after compounding with a wool compounding pad - especially on darker colored gelcoats.
The 05713 is a very popular, single-sided, blended acrylic/wool polishing pad that is much softer and less aggressive than an all-wool compounding pad (like the 05719).
Use it for removing swirl marks left over after compounding, removing fine paint defects (dust), or light polishing.
With its less aggressive cut and softer fibers, this pad leaves a very fine finish, making it ideal for use on dark colored gelcoats where it's easier to see any remaining swirl marks than on light gelcoats.
This pad has a special molded edge structure that allows for polishing using the edge of the pad, when necessary, without the risk of the canvas backing scratching the work surface.
Use this pad with a 3M #05717 Standard Hookit 9" Backup Pad which can be used on all standard 5/8-11 slow speed polishers (no adapter required). See Related Products, below.
For outstanding polishing results, use this pad with 3M Machine Polishes, see below.
Heavy on the technical side...
If you typically use a double-sided pad, you probably already have a 3M #05710 Superbuff extension adapter on your tool to prevent the back side of the double pad from skinning your knuckles.
Should you wish to temporarily switch to a pad which happens to be single-sided, like this 05713, and don't want the inconvenience of having to remove and replace the extension adapter every time, you should consider using the lower profile #05718 backup pad.
The short hub on the #05718 backup pad will keep the buffing pad closer to the tool body for better leverage and control than the tall hub on the #0517 Standard Backup Pad.
If you don't have a hook and loop backup pad on your polisher, this pad has a 7/8" center hole for securing to a simple rubber backup plate using a retainer nut, such as the ones in Related Products, below.
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Hookit 9" Single-Sided Polishing Pad
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