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Platinum Plus Finishing Glaze

Finishing Glaze

A premium flowable, self-leveling glaze, Platinum Plus Finishing Glaze achieves excellent adhesion to galvanized steel, e-coat, aluminum, fiberglass, SMC, cured epoxy, urethane/lacquer primers AND cured or aged paint.
It is incredibly easy to work with.
Less viscous than Platinum Glaze, self-leveling Platinum Plus Finishing Glaze is intended to fill very fine cracks, pinholes, and other small defects especially where re-priming and sanding is not an option due to time restraints, etc.
Its resin-rich formula minimizes "flashing" and maximizes gloss retention.
Note To achieve optimal performance with this product, be sure to use only with the supplied creme hardener; generic hardeners can produce a surface that remains somewhat tacky.
Contains Z-216 adhesion promoter - adheres to almost any surface
Self-leveling - excellent for skim coating
Cuts sanding time to as little as 15 minutes
Pinhole free
Stain-free green color
Sandable in 15 - 20 minutes; tack-free in 15 - 20 minutes; working time 3 - 5 minutes
16 oz is packaged in an easy-to-handle pump tube - allowing maximum flow out and use of product
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Platinum Plus Finishing Glaze - 16 oz Pumptainer
SKU 214580

Mfg p/n 051593-03080
Per Case: 6
Size: 16 fl oz
Out of Stock$24.50
Platinum Plus Finishing Glaze - 24 oz Tube
SKU 388347

Mfg p/n 051593-03180
Per Case: 6
Size: 24 fl oz
Out of Stock$33.44
Platinum Plus Finishing Glaze - 30 oz Pumptainer
SKU 388346

Mfg p/n 051131-31180
Per Case: 6
Size: 30 fl oz
2 in stock$38.96

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