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5490 PTFE Extruded Film Tape

"Slick Tape"

This is a PTFE extruded film with a silicone adhesive.
It provides an exceptionally slick surface for various industrial applications such as on rollers, formers, plates, belts, etc.
This extruded, calendared, PTFE film tape resists curling during unwind, and lies flatter than typical skived PTFE film tapes.
Resists curling during unwind.
Thicker backing helps extend the service life, compared to thinner versions, when subjected to abrasion or wear.
Provides excellent chemical resistance except to organic solvents.
Chemical resistant surface allows for use for sealing and masking.
Resists up to 400F (204C)
Anti-stick for ready release and clean-up
Conforms to surfaces for a chemical resistant barrier
Available in glass cloth and skived or extruded films
Do not use where exposed to organic solvents
Priced by the roll
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PTFE Extruded Film Tape 5490 - 1 in. x 11 yd
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