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969 ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape - High Strength

5 Mil Clear Easy-to-Apply Contact Adhesive Strip Adhesive 300

This tape is, essentially, a strip of glue in tape form.
As an ATG Tape, it is "reverse wound" and designed to be applied with a Model 700 adhesive applicator gun; see below for more details.
The liner is removed when the tape is applied, leaving the adhesive in place.
The adhesive strip is relatively thin, and is tacky on both sides - one side adheres to applied surface, the other side is immediately ready to join a second surface.
Use on nearly any surface metal, glass, wood, paper, coated paper, photos, foils, films, fabrics, painted items, foams, and many plastics.
Tape 969 with acylic Adhesive 300 (one of 3M's strongest) is ideal for bonding materials with glossy coatings where an aggressive adhesive with high initial adhesion is desired.
The medium-soft adhesive has the ability to "flow" into small surface irregularities, forming a stronger bond.
Adhesive 300 pressure sensitive adhesive system that features excellent long term holding power to a wide variety of materials including many difficult-to-stick-to plastics.
Some applications are: folders and boxes, attach fabric swatches in sample books, and assemble point-of-purchase displays. It is ideal for bonding flexible materials like paper or sheet metals.
Exhibits excellent adhesion to both High and Low Surface Energy substrates (plastics)
High tack acrylic adhesive bonds on contact
Joins, holds, bonds, laminates, seals
Densified kraft paper liner supports the tape on the roll
Scotch ATG 969 offers excellent adhesion, good solvent resistance, but only fair UV resistance (don't use where exposed to direct sunlight)
Adhesive type 300 - high tack, high strength, soft, clear, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
Bond strength is dependent upon the amount of adhesive-to-surface contact; firm application pressure helps improve bond strength
ATG 969 is near the upper end of adhesive strength within the ATG family of tapes, with only 926 being stronger
The comparable standard (normal wound) 3M ATT Adhesive Transfer Tape is 3M 950 tape
ATG Tape Systems ATG tapes are a reverse wound version of standard 3M ATT Adhesive Transfer Tapes and Double Coated Tapes.
They must be applied with an ATG hand-held Adhesive Applicator (MMM 06505 [ATG 700 Gun]) which leaves a neat strip of pressure sensitive adhesive.
The ATG tape system delivers a controlled application of the adhesive, while the liner rewinds into the ATG applicator.
It bonds on contact, and works on a variety of substrate combinations.
The ATG tape system is versatile, convenient, quick and easy to use.
There is no mess or clean up.
It is a cost effective replacement to rivets, staples, screws, bolts, liquid adhesives.
Safer than hot melt adhesives.
Ideal tape application temperature range is 70F to 100F (21C to 38C).
Initial tape application to surfaces at temperatures below 50F (10C) is not recommended because the adhesive becomes too firm to adhere readily. However, once properlyapplied, low temperature holding is generally satisfactory.
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969 Clear ATG Transfer Tape - 3/4 in. x 18 yd
SKU 435753

Mfg p/n 021200-05672
Adhesion to Steel: 75 oz/inch width
Adhesive Carrier: None
Adhesive Type: 400 Acrylic
Applicator: MMM 06505 (ATG 700 Gun)
Color: Transparent
Dimensions: 3/4" x 18 yd (54 ft)
Liner Color: Tan
Liner Thickness: 5 mil
Per Box: 12
Per Case: 48
Plasticizer Resistance: Medium
Relative Ultimate Peel Strength: 7 out of 10
Release Liner: Tan Paper
Shear Strength @ 72°F: 4 lb-f/in²
Tape Thickness: 5 mil
Temperature Resistance Range: -40°F - 180°F
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