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Hookit 5" Soft Low Profile Dust Free Finishing Disc Pad

Pad #77856

Hookit dust-free pads are lightweight, shock-resistant and well balanced.
Note that this older "dust free" hole pattern is different than the "Clean Sanding" hole pattern, which has many more dust extraction holes.
Use with 5" Hookit dust-free sanding discs (5 dust holes)
This pad has a tough plastic hub and a very soft conformable foam body.
A finishing pad, we recommend use with fine grade discs (220 grit and finer); use with coarser discs may cause premature foam failure.
5/16"-24 external thread mounting stud.
Slight, 15&deg beveled edge
Heavy on the technical side...
Should you use a soft or firm sanding disc backing pad?
After you have decided between Stikit or Hookit, and chosen no-hole or clean sanding discs, and selected the disc diameter, you will still often be left with the choice of a firm or a soft backing pad.
As a general rule, you should use coarser abrasive discs on firm backing pads, and finer grit discs on soft backing pads.
Soft Backing Pads
The advantage of a soft pad is that its surface can flex to some extent, conforming to the shape of the surface being sanded.
This facilitates higher surface contact, more consistent material removal, and less gouging.
Soft pads are not intended for use with very coarse abrasive discs for heavy duty work, as the higher stresses induced by very coarse abrasives fatigues the foam prematurely.
Having said that, a soft pad can be used with coarse grit discs for heavy material removal on rounded surfaces - like a sailboat hull - where it would be difficult to maintain full surface contact with a stiffer, firm backing pad.
Just don't expect the soft pad to last as long.
Firm Backing Pads
Using coarse discs on a firm backing pad works very well, as long as the work surface is flat.
Using a firm pad on a curved surface can easily result in hard-to-remove gouges and scratch marks.
If the surface isn't flat - again, like a sailboat hull - you will generally want to use a softer pad for full surface contact, no matter what the grit of the sanding disc.
Firm pads are also recommended for leveling uneven surfaces - such as paint brush strokes and runs.
In this application, a soft pad might simply conform to raised areas, rather than cutting them down.
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5 in. Hookit Soft Low Profile Dust Free Disc Pad - 5/16-24 Ext. Thread
SKU 74715

Mfg p/n 051144-77856
# Holes: 5
Diameter: 5"
Edge Bevel: 15°
Face Color: Yellow
Foam Color: Beige
Foam Density: Soft
Hook Type: 1 - Small J Hook
Max. RPM: 12,000 rpm
Per Case: 10
Thickness: 11/16"
Tool Attachment: 5/16-24 Ext. Thread
5 in stock$25.74

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