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Replacement Rudders

Replace your rudder with factory equipment

Need to replace a rudder due to accident damage, delamination, or age? Don't take a chance with rudders that might not fit, replace yours with the same rudder installed by the manufacturer.

We now offer the same rudders sold to boat builders, ensuring you the same fit and reliability your boat was delivered with.

In many cases, these rudders are even better than new, with better materials and assembly techniques applied to the same molds used when your boat was built.

Measurements: many boat models have multiple rudder molds so we require that you verify basic rudder measurements. A drawing will be sent to you after purchase. If your old rudder is not available for dimensional verification we can still make a replacement but we cannot guarantee fit.

Liability: On rare occasions, boat manufacturers modify rudders or the rudder on your boat is not original. In that event, we will work with you to make the rudder fit to the best of our ability. Please note we are not responsible for delays, haulouts, yard days, or extra labor charges.

A note about shipping and pricing: Due to the constant price changes to Stainless Steel, the prices quoted below are subject to change. These rudders ship via freight so you will be contacted regarding actual shipping after you order.
If you want a quote up front, contact us.

Leaves warehouse: 20 business days

Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: Yes

Item Item No. Status Price Quantity
Hunter 18 (rudder)805089Available$444.60
Hunter 18 Centerboard (rudder)805090Available$964.60
Hunter 18.5 (rudder)805091Available$482.30
Hunter 19 (rudder)805092Available$444.60
Hunter 19 Centerboard (rudder)805093Available$964.60
Hunter 20 (rudder)805094Available$444.60
Hunter 20 Centerboard (rudder)805095Available$964.60
Hunter 22 Centerboard (rudder)805097Available$964.60
Hunter 22 Fixed (rudder)805201Available$424.00
Hunter 22 Kick-Up (rudder)805096Available$444.60
Hunter 23 (rudder)805098Available$482.30
Hunter 240 (rudder)805099Available$910.00
Hunter 240 Centerboard (rudder)805100Available$1,445.60
Hunter 25 (Cherubini shoal keel) (rudder)805200Available$1,198.00
Hunter 25 rudder blade (2005 - 2009) (rudder)805101Available$895.00
Hunter 25.5 (rudder)805102Available$895.00
Hunter 26 (rudder)805103Available$910.00
Hunter 26 Centerboard (rudder)805104Available$1,692.60
Hunter 26.5 (rudder)805105Available$1,935.70
Hunter 260 (rudder)805206Available$870.00
Hunter 260 Centerboard (rudder)805203Available$1,692.60
Hunter 27 (1990s) (rudder)805108Available$1,935.70
Hunter 27 (Cherubini) deep keel (rudder)805106Available$1,397.50
Hunter 27 (Cherubini) shoal keel (rudder)805107Available$1,397.50
Hunter 28 (rudder)805109Available$1,946.10
Hunter 28.5 (rudder)805110Available$1,946.10
Hunter 29.5 shoal keel (rudder)830339Available$2,252.00
Hunter 30 (Cherubini) (rudder)805111Available$2,055.30
Hunter 30 Rudder 1988 - 1994 (rudder)805112Available$2,003.30
Hunter 306 deep keel (rudder)805113Available$2,730.00
Hunter 306 shoal keel (rudder)805114Available$2,692.30
Hunter 31 deep keel (rudder)805115Available$2,730.00
Hunter 31 shoal keel (rudder)805116Available$2,692.00
Hunter 32.2 (rudder)805117Available$2,358.20
Hunter 320 Deep Draft 805257Available$2,025.00
Hunter 320 shoal draft 805256Available$1,963.00
Hunter 326 deep keel (rudder)805118Available$3,530.80
Hunter 326 shoal keel (Rudder)830338Available$2,462.00
Hunter 33 (circa 1980) (rudder)805119Available$2,106.00
Hunter 33 (circa 2000 plus ) (rudder)805205Available$2,952.00
Hunter 33.5 (rudder)805120Available$2,358.20
Hunter 336 (rudder)805204Available$2,952.00
Hunter 34 deep keel (rudder)805121Available$2,104.70
Hunter 34 shoal keel (rudder)805122Available$2,104.70
Hunter 340 (includes lower insert bearing and stainless shaft) 826078Available$2,477.00
Hunter 35 (rudder)805123Available$2,373.80
Hunter 35 Deep Keel (rudder)805124Available$3,500.00
Hunter 356 shoal keel (rudder)805125Available$4,218.50
Hunter 36 (Cheribini Era) (rudder)805126Available$2,668.90
Hunter 36 (Mid 80s - Early 90s) (rudder)805127Available$2,373.80
Hunter 37 (Cherubini) Rudder (rudder)805128Available$2,668.90
Hunter 37.5 and Legend 37 (rudder)805129Available$2,440.10
Hunter 376 rudder 830122Available$3,574.00
Hunter 380 deep keel (rudder)805130Available$4,348.50
Hunter 380 shoal keel (rudder)805131Available$4,218.50
Hunter 386 deep keel (rudder)805132Available$4,348.50
Hunter 386 shoal keel (rudder)805133Available$4,218.50
Hunter 40 (rudder)805134Available$4,521.40
Hunter 40.5 (rudder)805135Available$4,511.00
Hunter 41 deep keel (rudder)805136Available$4,477.20
Hunter 41 shoal keel (rudder)805137Available$4,477.20
Hunter 410 deep keel (rudder)805139Available$4,477.20
Hunter 410 shoal keel (rudder)805138Available$4,477.20
Hunter 42 (rudder)805140Available$4,500.60
Hunter 420 shoal keel (rudder)805141Available$4,477.20
Hunter 43 (rudder)805142Available$4,511.00
Hunter 44 805290Available$4,133.00
Hunter 450 - Stainless Shaft (rudder)805144Available$5,041.76
Hunter 45CC (rudder)805143Available$3,909.00
Hunter 45CC (deep) (rudder)830351Available$4,307.85
Hunter 460 - includes bearings (rudder)805145Available$5,041.76
Hunter 49 - rudder w/stainless shaft (price varies due to stainless market price) 829767Available$4,930.00
Hunter 50AC - rudder w/stainless shaft (price varies due to stainless market price) 829768Available$4,930.00
Hunter 54 (rudder)805146Available$3,962.00

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