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Chafe Gear

Save your lines - and keep your boat safe, too

Increase the life of your lines with protective leather chafe gear. It fits snugly, so wear is on the leather and not on your line. Leather is flexible enough to fit through a chock, and the standard 15-inch length makes alignment a snap. Oops. Bad choice of words.

Chafe gear comes in Blue-Gray suede with three fastening styles. Choose velcro (polyester), pre-sewn, or pre-punched leather (for hand-stitching) which includes waxed polyester thread, double-stick tape, two (2) sail maker's needles, and stitching instructions.

They're fully guaranteed: If workmanship or materials fail, the product will be repaired or replaced.
Leaves warehouse: 5 business days

Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: No

Choose a color:

Item Item No. Status Price Quantity
1-1/8 in., Velcro closure (1 pair) 801207Available$53.00
1 in., Velcro closure (1 pair) 801204Available$44.00
1-1/8 in., pre-sewn closure (1 pair) 801206Available$41.00
1-1/8 in., pre-sewn closure (1 pair) 801208Available$41.00
7/8 in., Velcro closure (1 pair) 801201Available$40.00
3/4 in., Velcro closure (1 pair) 801198Available$34.00
1 in., pre-sewn closure (1 pair) 801203Available$33.00
5/8 in., Velcro closure (1 pair) 801195Available$32.00
7/8 in., pre-sewn closure (1 pair) 801200Available$31.00
1-1/8 in., hand stitched closure (1 pair) 801205Available$29.00
1/2 in., Velcro closure (1 pair) 801192Available$28.00
3/4 in., pre-sewn closure (1 pair) 801197Available$27.00
5/8 in., pre-sewn closure (1 pair) 801194Available$24.00
7/16 in., pre-sewn closure (1 pair) 801189Available$23.00
1/2 in., pre-sewn closure (1 pair) 801191Available$23.00
1 in., hand stitched closure (1 pair) 801202Available$23.00
7/8 in., hand stitched closure (1 pair) 801199Available$19.00
3/4 in., hand stitched closure (1 pair) 801196Available$18.00
5/8 in., hand stitched closure (1 pair) 801193Available$17.00
7/16 in., hand stiched closre (1 pair) 801188Available$16.00
1/2 in., hand stitched closure (1 pair) 801190Available$16.00

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