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Chock For Toe Rail

The mid-deck chock has been out of production for nearly 20 years, but it's back now -- and vastly improved!

The old fitting was cast aluminum, which made it subject to damage under the high-stress loads of a spring line. The new part is:

The chock can also be used for many applications where you have a damaged or discolored aluminum toe rail. Remove the damaged section and replace with the chock. It creates a finished-looking transition between two lengths of rail, and adds functionality to your boat.

Modification required for the Hunter 45 (1980s)

This part requires either countersinking to accommodate your current fasteners, or a carriage bolt. We do not countersink the mounting holes. The top photo shows the countersink as added by the boat owner.

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Chock For Mid-deck Toe Rail
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Replacement Nylon Rollers (pair)
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