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Air Right Angle Heavy Duty Disc Sander

Use with 4", 4-1/2" & 5" Discs Reduced Noise and Vibration

Unlike the similar looking 3M right angle grinder, this sander is not equipped with a safety guard for using bonded wheels.
With its 5/8-11 shaft, this die grinder/disc sander can be used with a wide variety of 3M 4", 4-1/2" and 5" fibre grinding discs, sanding discs, and Scotch-Brite surface conditioning discs - each with their appropriate backing pad systems (see below for more details).
This heavy duty grinder/sander delivers versatility, durability, and 1 full horsepower of power.
It is designed with a short shaft, so the surface of the discs is close to the tool - giving you superior control, and helping to avoid gouging the work surface.
This is a high quality, very quiet, very powerful tool that makes especially efficient use of the available air supply.
Use it for grinding, sanding, adhesive removal, coating removal, contour finishing, deburring, beveling, prepping metal for painting, and more.
This tool features an all-important 97 head angle (instead of 90) for a more comfortable wrist angle, and significantly decreased wrist strain.
Tool has a 3/8" air inlet, but includes a 3/8" to 1/4" reducer allowing for use of a variety of air supply plugs
However, for optimal tool performance, we recommend using fittings that maintain a full flow internal diameter.
Designed for superior motor function, smooth operation, and precise speed control
Special gripping material molded into the housing for greater operator comfort
Direct mount for use with Roloc Backup Pads without using a collet
Removable side handle furnished with tool
Right angle steel gear head with grease fitting for increased gear life
Rear exhaust
Note - this product is the tool, only. The image shows a hub, backing plate, disc, and air plug for illustration only
Heavy on the technical side...
This grinder/sander can be used:
With all 3M hub and backing plate combinations for using traditional fibre discs with a retaining nut, as well as fibre discs and Scotch-Brite pads that have a brass TN quick-connect fitting (5/8-11) on the back.
With a 5/8-11 Scotch-Brite Hookit Disc Pad Holder for using standard (no hole) Scotch-Brite discs.
With a 5/8-11 Hookit or Stikit disc backup pad to use regular Hookit or Stikit sanding discs.
Note - the discs used must have a maximum operating speed of at least 12,000 rpm.
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Specs Status Price Quantity
4 in. - 5 in. Right Angle Heavy Duty 1 HP Disc Sander
SKU 388486

Mfg p/n 051141-28408
Air Inlet: 3/8" NPT
Height: 4.23"
Length: 8.25"
Max. RPM: 12,000 rpm
Motor: 1 hp
Shaft Thread: 5/8-11 External
Tool Diameter: 4" - 5"
Type: Right Angle Heavy Duty Disc Sander
Weight: 2.31 lb
4 in stock$625.35

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