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Perfect-It III Cleaner Clay

Non-Abrasive Clay Puck - Removes Paint Overspray

Cleaner Clay is recommended for removing contaminants such as rail dust, paint overspray, and industrial fallout from exterior paint, glass, and metal surfaces.
Think of Cleaner Clay as a round puck of superfine abrasive like a large pencil eraser.
Use Cleaner Clay to mechanically remove particles stuck to the surface where normal washing and cleaning or solvents haven't worked.
Use this as your last step before getting out the 3000 grit sandpaper and polisher.
Removes particles which produce a rough or gritty feel on finished surfaces
Safely remove overspray and other particles stuck on paint
Can be used effectively on paint, glass and chrome
Use with a water-based lubricant, such as a liquid soap
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Perfect-It III Cleaner Clay
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