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Citrus Based Adhesive Remover - Spray Cylinder

8.5 lb Net Mini Cylinder

A multi-purpose aerosol cleaner effective in removing many partially dried, and some types of fully cured adhesives.
This citrus based adhesive cleaner is extremely popular as it has a pleasant odor, leaves no residue, and is a great alternative to bulk cleaners applied by hand.
Quickly removes oil, grease, most adhesives, labels, tar, and similar substances from surfaces
Leaves no residue
Cleans grime from garage floors
Also used to prepare surfaces for use of adhesives
Approved for use in food processing plants
NOT Use of this Citrus Based Adhesive Remover pre-pressurized cylinder will require a Delivery Hose, and a Scotch-Weld Standard Spray Adhesive Applicator Gun equipped with a 3M 6501 (3-8" fan) or a 3M 9501 (5-12" fan) Spray Tip; see Related Products, below.
Heavy on the technical side...
FDA Listed Ingredient The active ingredient is listed as GRAS, Generally Regarded As Safe at 21 CFR 182.20
Formulated to replace virtually all commonly used solvents in hand-wipe cleaning processes including: 1,1,1-trichloroethane, acetone, CFC-113, HCFC141b, isopropyl alcohol (IPA), lacquer thinner, methylene chloride, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), methyl propyl ketone (MPK), mineral spirits, naphtha, stoddardsolvents, toluene, xylene and others
Evaporates cleanly, leaving no or minimal (less than 1/10th%) residue
Exhibits a mild, pleasant citrus odor
Works best if you apply, and then wait a few minutes for maximum penetration and loosening action
Evaporates more slowly than the above mentioned chemicals, which can result in substantially lower volume used overall, as well as fewer VOC emissions.
Also, rags and wipe-towels do not dry out as rapidly, so they can be reused from task to task, and normally do not need to be as wet as with the highly volatile chemicals mentioned above
Useful for cleaning and surface preparation prior to painting, bonding, coating or further processing of parts
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Citrus Base Adhesive Remover , Mini Spray Cylinder (8.5 lb)
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Size: Mini Spray Cylinder (8.5 lb)
Type: Citrus Adhesive Remover
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