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577F Performance Flap Discs - Standard & "Giant" Versions

Type 29 Built-In 5/8-11 Internal Threaded Attachment

577F Flap Discs use an aluminum zirconia mineral abrasive.
They are a step up from most aluminum oxide flap discs, but not as fast cutting or durable as 3M's high performance 747D blended ceramic/aluminum oxide flap discs; see Related Products, below.
Fisheries offers two models of these 60 grit flap discs:
"Standard" 577F Flap Discs
"Giant" 577F Flap Discs are the same size, but have 25% more flaps
Flap discs combine the cutting ability of a coarse disc with the blending capabilities of a finer disc in a single unit.
As the disc breaks in, the abrasive on the edge of the flaps wears off somewhat, leaving a softer edge with more of the cloth backing exposed.
This softer edge has an increased polishing effect.
As a result, a 36 grit flap disc will grind like 36 grit, but leave a finish closer to that of a finer grit flap disc.
Convex style Type 29 flap disc
Versatile aluminum zirconia mineral works well on a variety of metals and applications
Durable YF weight polyester backing for long life under heavy-duty grinding use
Note Flap discs typically provide a finish that is one grade finer than their actual rating
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4-1/2 in. in.Standard in. 577F Type 29 Flap Disc - 60YF, 5/8-11 Attachment (10)
SKU 391163

Mfg p/n 051141-30985
Diameter: 4-1/2"
Grade: 60YF
Model: Standard
Per Box: 10
Type: Type 29 (Angle Face)
Out of Stock$64.97
4-1/2 in. in.Giant in. 577F Type 29 Flap Disc - 60YF, 5/8-11 Attachment (10)
SKU 391169

Mfg p/n 051141-31001
Diameter: 4-1/2"
Grade: 60YF
Model: Giant (More Flaps)
Per Box: 10
Type: Type 29 (Angle Face)
Out of Stock$81.55

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