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Coffee Press Polycarbonate

Gourmet coffee fast... with easy clean-up

  1. Add 1 tbsp of ground coffee per serving.
  2. Pour boiling water into the carafe. Snap the lid onto the carafe with the plunger in the up position.
  3. Let steep for 4 minutes. Press plunger down to filter the coffee.
  4. Pour and enjoy a rich, delicious cup of Java Press coffee!

After brewing, pour any remaining cofee down the sink and dump the grounds in the trash. Couldn't be easier.

The 13 oz press makes approximately one mug of coffee and the 33 oz press will serve 2 - 4 depending on the size of the mug.

The polycarbonate carafe maintains the ideal temperature during brewing.
Leaves warehouse: 5 business days

Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: No

Item Item No. Status Price Quantity
33 oz. Press 801933Available$27.95
13 oz. Press 801932Available$12.95

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