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HS Mast Slider System - Size 50

For Boats Up To 52 ft (16m)

The Antal HS Mast Slider System is designed for boats with full batten mainsails that experience high loads and compression-loading on the mainsail luff. The systems aluminium sliders contain HS composite fiber inserts that run on an aluminium track mounted on the mast. The material is made from special resins strengthened with fiber and is self lubricating.
Three systems available: 601.121 requires drilling and tapping the spar, 601.131 and 601.141 are designed to me mounted with slugs, 131 is for vertical mounting and 141 is for horizontal mounting
Track is designed to be installed when the mast is veritical
HS composite fiber is a new material that is durable over long periods of use
Properies of HS material allow the cars to be shorter than standard ball-bearing car systems
Minimum friction under load
Less maintenance than ball bearing car systems
Cars can easily be removed and re-installed on the track whenever the mainsail is changed
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Specs Status Price Quantity
HS Mast Slider System - Size 50, Installation Tool
SKU 85303

Mfg p/n 601.200
Mount Type: Vertical
Style: Vertical Mount
Type: Installation Tool
3 in stock$46.76
HS Mast Slider System - Size 50, Track Joint
SKU 85305

Mfg p/n 690.421
Type: Track Joint
Out of Stock$11.10
HS Mast Slider System - Size 50, End Fitting
SKU 85306

Mfg p/n 692.411A
Mount Type: Screw
Type: End Fitting
1 in stock$19.82
HS Mast Slider System - Size 50, Slider With Joint
SKU 85307

Mfg p/n 610.401
Type: Slider With Joint
Out of Stock$147.26
HS Mast Slider System - Size 50, Simple Slider
SKU 85308

Mfg p/n 614.411
Mount Type: Webbing
Type: Simple Slider
Out of Stock$98.50
HS Mast Slider System - Size 50, Double Headboard
SKU 85309

Mfg p/n 610.421
Type: Double Headboard
Out of Stock$237.79
HS Mast Slider System - Size 50, Single Headboard
SKU 85310

Mfg p/n 630.411
Mount Type: Rivet & Webbing
Type: Single Headboard
Out of Stock$89.55
HS Mast Slider System - Size 50, Loader
SKU 85317

Mfg p/n 602.421
Type: Loader
1 in stock$131.33

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